Next Girl DJ Winner Announced!

At last, we have a WINNER! We are chuffed to announce that the future of the female DJ world is UK’s Sam Red, whom literally fell off her seat when we called her up this morning to give her the good news. Congratulations Sam, from all of us at NGDJ. We look forward to seeing you play at Roxy Jam in sunny Biarritz July 10-14th.

Sam shares with us her reaction to the news.

“Wow, what an amazing way to make my day. I really am surprised, I never expected to get as far as the semi-final let alone to win the final! It is a great opportunity and I am going to grab it with both hands.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the competition, you have all helped to put this really big smile on my face. Look out France here I come… whooo hooooo!”

We’ll be following Sam on her journey to the Roxy Jam festival, so watch this space for news and reports on all the hi-jinx!


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