Brussels Pouts

Yes, excuse the cheesy headline, it was too good to resist. Sorry for the late post on the Brussels semi-final but it’s taken a few days to recover! Wowza, what an event? I had a bit of a drama getting there from Berlin, with a hangover and a cancelled flight, but by pure will and help from Ashley from Harman I hot-footed it over to Fuse by the time the third contestant was playing. Putting on make-up in the back of a cab was quite a challenge, but I emerged triumphant!

It was a very impressive event! Sand and her team in Brussels did a fab job. The club was sleek with an excellent sound system, and by the time I got there it was already rammed – a nice mixed crowd, and I will even forgive the dodgy tranny in that awful outfit and hairdo, and yes I have evidence!

The girls had a vibrant and supportive crowd to play to, and the vibe in the club was growing with every DJ. The girls on the night were Nonoo, Angela, Druvmix, Cixi, Anaëlle and Miss Inshara and how good were their sets? No wonder the crowd were up-for-it, they had the soundtrack! After a few vodkas I was back on form again, and the judging was in full flow.

This was the biggest judging team the contest had boasted thus far (deep breath) – Carl De Moncharline (Event Bruxelles), Markus Vektor (Toys For Boys), Florence Atlas (Nightcode), Bea Ercolini (Elle Magazine Belgium), DJ Sand (Moonday), Ajouad el Miloudi (3-fm), Electric Indigo (Female Pressure), Olivier Mateu (aka DJ Rodriguez Junior- Mobilee) and
Eva-Marie Pinon (TSUGI magazine). Phew. And they had the tough task of picking the winners.

First place was Miss Inshara! Cixi came 2nd and Nonoo 3rd. But as always, it was a tough decision and every single girl in the contest has been a winner in our eyes.

Miss Inshara – The Winner!

So we have our 4 finalists. Watch this space tomorrow for news on what happens next…


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