Trans Europe Success!

The Berlin semi-final at Horst went off in a heady puff of sparks last night – and not just down to the amount of Vodka consumed, hic!. The five finalists Dorkha (Budapest), Ina D (Vienna), Johanne (Denmark), Lucilla (Berlin) and Alize (Hamburg) took to the decks with impressive vigour, which left the judges the incredibly hard task of having to choose a winner. The judges last night were Miss Jools, La Fleur, Eva, DJ Sand and a heavily pregnant Alex Lindblad, and after much deliberation it was decided that Berlin’s winner was local girl Lucilla. “I really didn’t expect to win!” she gushed, necking back a Cuba Libre. Close behind her came Ina D (2nd) and Dorkha (3rd). Congratulations to all of the girls, you are all winners. Now, where are those headache tablets…


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