Berlin announced!

Ding ding! Round three of the live semi-finals are upon us, and this Thursday watch out Berlin as five new girls armed with some tunes will be taking over hip night spot Horst for a serious dancefloor showdown. The talented women set for imminent super-stardom are:


“I think this is a really great opportunity for the music dictator inside of me to show it’s full potential. Therefore I was thrilled to hear that I had gotten through to the live final, where my energy and enthusiasm has a chance of supplying the music and the mixing. My set
will, as it always does, reflect my mood, which at the time being is constant spring friskiness!”


“How nice to be invited! It was quite a surprise for me when I got the message! As my uploaded set is more laidback and different from the others, I didn’t really expect to be chosen for the semi-finals. I like the Horst and I am really looking forward to play some of my favourite records there! The ingredients for my set is going to be house, deep techno and some disco”


“I am so happy to get a chance to play in the live final. I can’t wait for this fantastic event, I have to come far but it’ll be worthwhile – it’s sure to be very exciting night!”

Ina D

“When I was on my way to the VIE airport to catch a flight to Paris I received a message that said that I was chosen to be one of the five girls who are going to rock the semi-finals in Berlin.
I’m so happy to be given such a great opportunity to play a set in front of such an experienced jury. I’m also looking forward to meeting the other girls and we will have a great time in Berlin!”


“I’m so excited I can hardly sit still! I’m currently poorly with a terrible cold, and I’m pouring tea down me, bathing in donkey milk, and petting the cat wildly, all in preparation for a nice Horst-cracks-the-bee set!”


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