London finalists speak out!

This Thursday sees the semi final at London’s CAMP (City Arts & Music Project), and the five finalists are apoplectic with excitement. Exclusively at Next Girl DJ, they share with us how they’re feeling.

Sam Redhead

“I can’t wait for the semi-final, I’m very excited and ready for action! I’m looking forward to sharing the decks and listening to some top tunes from the other female DJs. Roll on Thurs…”

The Womso

“I’m really looking forward to the live final, gonna be fun fun fun!
Disco has been making a massive revival over the last year and after listening to the other girls electronic mixes, I’m really looking forward to see if it might take over electronic music at the contest”

Anna Gram

“How am I feeling about the finals? ARRRGGGGHHHH! So excited!
The thing I’m looking forward to the most is having the chance to play in front of such a well respected panel of judges. Even if I don’t win it’s still an amazing opportunity for me. I’m also excited to meet the other ladies competing and am really happy to have been able promote just how fantastic female DJs are!”

Ciara Kellerher

“Am very over here in Cork – whoop! It feels rather fantastic to be part of this. I’m looking forward to playing my music in an electric atmosphere with like-minded people, so see you there!”


“I express myself with the music I play and I can’t wait to share it with the jury and the others girls! I’m very excited! The next day I have a big gig at Ministry of Sound and it’s also my birthday! Things always have to happen all together!”

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