Paris, one day to go

With one more sleep to go until the live finals kick off in Paris, we speak to judge and one of France’s top DJs and record label boss Laetitia de Katapult about the impending event.

Hi Laetitia, are you excited about being a judge tomorrow night?

For me it’s very natural to be in this situation. Throughout my job, I’ve always listened to records and mixed, worked with a lot of other DJs so I’m sure I’ll be able to choose the the French finalist for this contest!

You are also DJing at the party, what are you going to play?

I play house music – I love the groove and to see the people to smile and to dance during my mix. I try to feel what the people want.

What will make a DJ stand out for you? What are winning qualities?

To be a winner the girls have to be true to their artistic choice. They will have to create a beautiful atmosphere in the space.  I prefer a DJ who feels the music and the mood rather than being the perfect technician.

Next Girl DJ, Thursday May 6th @ Les Disquaires, 6 rue des Taillandiers, 75011, Paris

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