Paris Judge/DJ spotlight

As the first live final looms this Thursday in Paris, NGDJ catches up with judge Sonja Moonear whom will also be showcasing her own DJ skills on the night.

Hi Sonja, how do you feel about being a judge at the first live final in Paris this Thursday?

I think that’s an interesting task, and it’s important not to be held by personal musical taste but simply appreciate the artist for what she’ll be presenting. I’m very excited about it!

You are also DJing, what kind of set are you planning?

I never really plan a set, I just prepare my flightcase regarding to the venue/event I’ll play at. For this particular event I think I’ll basically have a good mixture of wide ranges of electronic music, from experimental tunes to uplifting techno.

What are you hoping to see from the four girl finalists on the night?

Four independant women with a strong musical passion and a special taste for originality and risk.

In your eyes – what makes a winner?

Someone with a strong musical passion and a special taste for originality!


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