Final Paris Finalists

So we have our final 4 finalists for Paris. We have already announced Mamz Hell, Miss Flora and Ylena, but we now have Miska to add to the girl line-up competing against each other next Thursday night to get through to the next round. Both Miska and fellow competitor Ylena share with us their their excitement for getting through to Paris.


“I am very happy and excited! It is a great opportunity to go to Paris. I’m preparing many great tracks, I have not decided yet! If I got through it would be a dream come true!”


“I’m so very happy and grateful that people like my sound. Thanks for voting for me. I’m really excited to come over to Paris and I will be playing an original set for you guys with all my new tracks. If I get through the final it will mean that after all this year playing in club I will accomplish my dream”

The Paris final is next Thursday May 6th at Les Disquaires, 6 Rue Des Taillandiers 75011 Paris


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