The Perpetual Festival

Brands are getting continually more involved in the festival season, as gum brand Trident have proved with their new 30 festivals in 30 weeks campaign, which kicks off this May. They have just appointed their face of the campaign and reporter, Katie P – picked by Rob Da Bank and George Lamb – who has to attend all 30 festivals and report back. Ouch. NGDJ meets her.

Hi Katie, why do you think you were picked to front this Trident festival ‘experience’?

I don’t think the judges necessarily knew what they were definitely looking for before the whole assessment day began. By the end of it I think they realised they were interested in finding someone who was vibrant and fun but also approachable so they could represent the brand and create a connection with people at home watching the festival footage.

Do you think women have more stamina for this kind of challenge?
Not really. I think that it probably comes down to a type of personality rather than physical stamina. Yes, it’s going to be tiring – and sleep will be difficult, and jetlag will make things harder – but being able to feel cheery and excited at the new surroundings and opportunities – even if you’re exhausted or hungover – will be the most interesting hurdle!

It’s going to get a bit mucky – does this bother you?

Not at all! I have been going to festivals a few times a year, every year, since I was 17 – everything from camping in mud puddles at Glastonbury and having to scrape dirt of my body with blunt plastic cutlery, to showering in hotels and getting taxis to the site. I figure the next 30 weeks will have both those extremes and everything in between!

How do your family, friends feel about your massive 30 weeks of traveling ahead of you?
They are all so excited – perhaps even more so than me. Right now I’m still somewhat overwhelmed by the mission ahead, and will get properly excited once the trip begins –  whereas they’re all running around screaming ‘Oh my God – we’re so proud of you! You’re going to have such an amazing time!’

Do you have a partner, and if so, how does he feel about you hobnobbing at all these exciting festivals?
I do have a boyfriend and thankfully he is really excited for me. He plays in a band – and his dream is to be able to tour the world one day – so he knows that this is my equivalent and therefore an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up!

Out of all the festivals, which ones are you most looking forward to?
Only the first four festivals have been revealed so far – and I am actually most looking forward to my maiden trip – Ibiza – and the chance to meet up with the first weekly     competition winners to kick-start this whole adventure that i have been thinking about for so long!

How do you think this experience is going to change you – what are your motivations for doing this?
I hope that this experience changes me in a positive way. I have never traveled much by myself, so I hope that I will become more independent and comfortable with just myself for company. I also hope it broadens my musical taste – which I am sure it will. As for my motivations – I love music, love festivals, love traveling – and having the opportunity to be involved with all those things while conducting interviews, meeting new people and telling the world about what I am up to – seemed like a dream come true!

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