Judge Spotlight – Caroline Hayes

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Wanted to meet another one of your judges? Well here is Brit Caroline Hayes, the brains behind Berlin’s Spun Out Agency, whom will be a judge at the London live final on May 20th.

Hi Caroline! How do you feel about being asked to be a judge for the Next Girl DJ contest?

Very pleased. It’s nice to have my opinion on such matters respected.

Your DJ agency Spun Out looks after an impressive roster, from Andrew Weatherall and Hot Chip through to The Rapture and Samim. Do you have a favourite?

I tell each of them they are my favourite and hope they don’t mention it to each other. But joking aside, they are all on my roster because I think they’re great people, extremely talented and capable of achieving success – so they are all my favourites.

You moved to Berlin to set up your agency 5 years ago – what was the reason for the move?

Berlin seemed like a very exciting place to be. The music scene is very energetic, and the party scene is fantastic. I think at the time I had had my fill of London so taking my business to another country was a real challenge, and has definitely paid off.

Do you feel Berlin has more to offer for DJ culture than any other cities in Europe?

Berlin provides an inspiring and affordable environment for DJs to live in. There are many opportunities to meet like minded people in the business but on the downside the scene here has become a bit saturated.

Why do you think there is a lack of decent female DJs on the electronic scene?

Essentially there are not as many girls interested in DJing as a career and it is difficult to make your way in a male dominated business.

What’s the toughest part of being a DJ agent?

Pushing an artist you feel strongly about and finding they don’t get the respect they deserve. It’s also tough dealing with the promoters who are extremely unprofessional and try to fiddle you and the artist.

You are a judge at the London final – for you, what makes a great DJ?

The most important factor is a great taste in music. Being able to recognise quality, not to be scared of being original and of course the ability to entertain a crowd.

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