Event/Community Spotlight – CDR

Got new tracks and want to share them on a kick-ass soundsystem with other like-minded music creatives? Well here’s your chance. CDR is the forward-thinking community you need to be part of. Next Girl DJ meets the head honcho, Tony Nwachuku.

Hi Tony, can you explain the concept behind CDR?

It’s a platform and community for bringing music producers, artists and fans of new music together to hear music whilst it’s being developed.

How has a space like this helped break through new artists?

It has allowed people to develop confidence beyond their bedrooms and fine tune their production skills.

The CDR community seems to be fairly bloke-heavy, why do you think girls aren’t engaging with production as much?

Yes, unfortunately it is, and we’ve always tried to look at this. Do you girls out there have any ideas?

How do you think women could get more involved?

We are currently reaching out to people like the Female Producers Network as we are actively trying to engage more women with CDR. Traditionally these kind of events are very boysy –  it seems that girls are intimidated by these experiences. Singer/songwriter events, on the other hand, are very different – there are vocals and guitars and the attendance is equally male and female. Women tend to focus on the song whereas blokes like beats on big soundsystems.

Which female producers do you rate, and why?

Maya Jane Coles is amazing! She is a CDR member and is the producer of She Is Danger/Nocturnal Sunshine. She’s an amazing producer, very versatile and creates very rich productions, you should check her out!

CDR is tonight at Plastic People, London – for more info go to the CDR website.

Also, check out the Female Producers Network and the She Is Danger Myspace

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