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Oh yes, so you think you know all about dance music, do you? Well maybe you do! But if not, and you have a mind craving for more, then here are some books we highly recommend.

45 – Bill Drummond

I profiled the KLF yesterday, and Bill Drummond was the band’s key member – one of my heroes! His anarchic approach to the music industry is detailed in ’45’, which is an inspirational insight into Drummond’s life, throughout his time in the KLF and beyond. A must-have.

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Turn The Beat Around: The Secret History Of Disco – Peter Shapiro

We like a bit of disco here at Next Girl DJ, so here’s one book that we should all check out. Shapiro has written a detailed and concise account of the birth of disco through to its commercial success, right through to the later incarnation of italo-disco. If you want to be nerdy and find out about the sauna parties in New York, then this is for you.

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How To DJ (Properly) – Bill Drummond and Frank Broughton

So you thought you knew everything about mixing? Just in case you don’t, then this book could prove very useful. But it’s not just about matching those beats, How To DJ Properly is a love letter to the craft of DJ culture, showing true appreciation and insight into the skill that we all love. And not just for the geeks amongst us, this is beginner-friendly, too.

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