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Ladies, look out, a judge is about! This is the woman you need to impress at the Brussels live final – Sandrine Droubaix, from female DJ agency Moonday.

What made you start Moonday?

There was a really bad musical quality on the scene and I wanted to play and hear different things – I realized that a lot of women wanted to express themselves.

It was originally for a broader range of female talent, what made you focus it more as a DJ agency?

There was interest growing for girl DJs and suddenly lots of girls wanted to play. It was also very complicated for a small structure to manage concerts and art shows as we wanted to, so it naturally shifted to focus around DJ events and music production.

Have you noticed a shift in demand for the women on your roster over the last couple of years?

Yes! There was a huge demand for girls as DJs, and some of the DJs we launched are now running their own productions and events.

You ran your own Girly DJ contest last year, how did that go?

We organised at first a contest to present the girls playing in our Girly Mondays event and the idea grew. There was a nice enthusiasm around it and girls came from everywhere, as far as Japan and Russia!

What do you hope this contest can do that your one wasn’t able to?

The bigger the event the better it is for the girls represented because they will hopefully get more bookings. They will also be given a chance for production, which has become a criterion for success. An international structure gives opportunity to spread the idea and give the project more scale than we can do by ourselves.

Not everyone thinks a female DJ contest is a good idea – mainly from women saying there shouldn’t be a separate contest  – what is your response to this ?

The point is not to compare genders but to be accepted and recognized at the same level as a man. A woman has to prove herself more which is true in every profession. We want to give women more visibility and this is one way to do so.

You DJ yourself, what makes you unique?

I like to break the lines and linearity; to insert improbable pieces in my mixes; and play with different styles –  I can’t really be categorized. I live for my passion for music, it’s not just entertainment. I like to provoke emotions and try to deliver it as a message or a parable.

What do you think makes a great DJ?

Someone who will move the audience, whilst being creative. Someone who’s prepared to take risks.

You are going to be a judge at the live final in Brussels, what will you be looking out for?

I want to discover a new talent! The music scene must renew all the time, but the most important thing to me in the end is that the girls grab the opportunity and give it their best!

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