Contestant Spotlight!

Eleonora Cutaia is an Italian DJ living in London, whose ‘Between The Lines’ mix caught our ears here at Next Girl DJ. Here she shares her thoughts on the industry, her mix, and her favourite DJs.

Hi Eleonara! Welcome to Next Girl DJ! You are already an accomplished DJ, what do feel you would gain by winning this competition?

I wanted to share the music I love with your community. I know my style is not mainstream so I don’t have any expectations at all, but I liked the concept. There are some great female DJs out there, unfortunately there are also many ‘showgirl DJs’ who cannot even mix their own records, and sometimes we unfairly get put in the same category.

How do you think a contest like Next Girl DJ could change the face of gender and dance music?

I hope it will help female DJs have more opportunities to show we can definitely be as good as men in this game. I think it will take a bit longer to see real changes. I believe ultimately talent gets noticed though.

Was it difficult putting together your 30 minute mix?

I did not try to fit 100 songs in 30 minutes – my aim was not to show crazy tricks (I’m definitely not known for those). I approach DJing as an art form – almost like composing a song. To me DJing is a performance where you tell a story. I like to push boundaries with genres and surprise people. Expose them to different sounds.

What did you use for the mix?

I used Ableton Live. I often use CDs when I play live but I use Ableton for studio and radio mixes.

Where in the world has been your favourite place to DJ?

I loved Dublin. The crowd was amazing, I had so much fun. But Fabric with King Britt and Vikter Duplaix was magic! To me it was a dream come true opening for my mentors.

You currently live in London, what do you think about the police trying to close down Plastic People?

I really hope it’s not gonna happen – I’ve signed the petition. I can only say I had some memorable nights there at the Co-Op and Plastic People is one of my favourite venues in London.

Who do you think is the best DJ in the world?

Can I name 2? King Britt and Carl Craig. I love King for his eclecticism and Carl is the only Techno artist I always go see whenever I can – he really takes you on a journey and I love that. I can always hear a lot of black influences, which give depth to the sound. Plus he plays a lot of his own productions which I’m a huge fan of.

And where do you think dance music culture will be in five years?

It could be a ‘rebirth’ or a complete disaster! Unfortunately dance music has already lost a lot with the digital era. The quality of music in general has gone down because everyone can put their music out there, no matter how bad. It’s important for the young to have mentors for quality reference. The line between being an amateur and a professional is so blurry right now.

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