Do we need sex to sell a female DJ?

So, I’ve been thinking about this gender and DJing malarky, and it seems that the majority of women who venture into the forefront of dance music culture feel it a necessity to do so by promoting their looks first, rather than their talents. We all appreciate a fine bod and beautiful face, but in the relevant context, no? It is one thing being a scantily-clad sex bomb gyrating about in a generic Ministry of Sound video – the brand does what is says-on-the-tin – but do those same rules apply to women who are aligning themselves equally with men as selectors of dance music – rather than its ‘poster girl’?

Women naturally want to dress up (or in some cases, dress down) and create an image that is desirable, which is a positive action – in both professional and personal worlds – but is it acceptable for women to feel they have to strip off and wear boob-bulging bikini-tops to be rated and accepted as an artist – whether that be a DJ, producer or singer. Men don’t, so why do some women still feel this is a prerequisite to success? Isn’t it time now for women to be judged on their skills, and not just their thrills?

But I think it depends on the extremes by which we take it to. When I DJ I like to wear a dress and make an extra effort on my hair and make-up, but I would never – nor would any of the girls I know – take it as far as hovering practically nude over a pair of 12 10s (see picture). I mean come on – that is proper Benny Hill comedy!

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