The Adventures of Lulu Levan on Soundcloud

That’s right, tying in with my new DJ residency and the wonderful The House of St Barnabas, I will uploading new mixes every month. To get your appetites wet for now, check out my most recent one, and share! Download! Dance around the kitchen to it. I had fun with it, I hope you do […]

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Originally posted on Gymwatch!:
People irritate me in the gym. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. Am I a bad person? I sometimes want to hurl Kettlebells at people square between the eyes. I swear the steam coming out of my ears in an apoplectic rage fogs up the mirrors. I…

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Lulu Le Vay started out as deputy editor of mouthy fanzine Sleazenation in the mid-90s which propelled to her to become a freelance feature writer for publications such as The Face, i-D, Jockey Slut and Xray through to the Guardian Guide, The Independent on Sunday, The Evening Standard and the Observer. Alongside journalism, Lulu writes fiction, manages bands, produces events, teaches music industry skills to young people and is a creative marketing consultant. So there.